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Sattvik Anti Marks Treatment Kit

by Mitha, Editor, Mitzitup 5/21/2016 11:16:55 AM 0 Comments

DIY Facial with Sattvik Anti Marks Treatment Kit | mitzitup.com

Hey Loves!!

Once a while, I love to pamper myself. I firmly believe I deserve these pamper breaks- after all, I have a full time job& my blog to take care. What better than to give yourself a facial to pamper yourself? I am a true organic skincarelover and Sattvik sends me this papaya enriched Anti-Marks Treatment Kit. Perfect!! Enriched with Bakuchi herb & Chandan (Sandalwood), the product is a real treat to my skin.

DIY Facial using Sattvik Anti- Blemish Treatment Kit | mitzitup.com

Sattvik has been my favorite organic skincare product for sometime. The products really work and do what they claim. The Anti Marks Treatment kit claims to remove all scars and marks of all kind and repair damaged tissues to give a flawless complexion. They recommend to use the kit once a week and the serum daily for a continuous 3 months.

DIY Facial using Sattvik Anti- Blemish Treatment Kit | mitzitup.com

To do the Facial at home, you need to first wipe your face with a face wipe to get rid of any dirt or makeup. Remove all traces of makeup from your eyes, lips and face. Do not ignore your neck.

Take the Step 1: Papaya Milk  Cleanser on you palm. Apply a generous amount of cleanser on your face. Starting with your chin, work in circular motion to apply the product all over the face and neck. The Cleanser is easy to work with and has a very organic raw smell to it. Wipe off with a washcloth and some luke warm water. The warm water helps to open your pores.

DIY Facial- Sattvik Papaya Cleansing Cream | mitzitup.com

DIY Facial- Sattvik Papaya Cleansing Cream | mitzitup.com

Next take the Step 2 : Papaya Seed Exfoliating Scrub Powder. Take a pinch of the powder and add in a drop of rose water to make a paste. This works better than the conventional market scrubs that come in a tube.

DIY Facial - Papaya Seed Exfoliating Scrub Powder | mitzitup.com

Gently massage in circular motion all over the face & neck. Now take the washcloth and dip it in hot water. After squeezing out the water, place it over you face for 5-10 minutes. This will steam you face and open your pores.

The next step is to apply the Papaya Anti- Blemish Cream. Take a generous amount of the cream on your finger tips and rub it into the skin in circular motion for 5-10 minutes. This has a pleasant light fragrance and thicker consistency than the cleanser. You can wipe off with the washcloth.

DIY Facial- Papaya Anti Blemish Cream | mitzitup.comDIY Facial- Papaya Anti Blemish Cream | mitzitup.com

The last step is to apply the Papaya Pulp De-Pigmentation Mask. Apply it all over the face and neck, leaving the area around the eye. I always stock some green tea bags in my fridge. I use these to keep over my eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness. You can use slices of cucumber too.

DIY Facial- Papaya Pulp De-pigmentation Mask | mitzitup.com

Wash off the mask using the washcloth dipped in luke warm water. Enriched with Fullers Earth as a base, this clay mask really helps in the summers to absorb the oil as well. Use a cotton ball dipped in rose water as toner after the mask. You can also rub in an ice cube to close the pores.

It is recommended to use Saffron care by Sattvik (read about it here) as a day cream if you are stepping out after the facial. I am a night bug and end up doing my facial during the night. So I went straight for the night serum.

DIY Facial- Anti Marks Serum | mitzitup.com

DIY Facial- Anti Marks Serum | mitzitup.com

Just 2 drops of this serum is good enough for the entire face. Work on your neck and face with an upward movement to firm your skin. Leave it on overnight and wash off with your morning routine. The serum has herbs in it that you can see. This one has been working wonders on my skin and my moms skin. Awesome stuff!!

DIY Facial- Anti Marks Serum | mitzitup.com

DIY Facial | mitzitup.com

Priced at TT$ 295.00 for 1 month & TT$ 885.00 590.00 for 3 months (Buy 2 Months Supply, Get 1 Month Free), this entire kit will surely give you spotless, glowing in 3 months.

CLICK HERE to buy in Trinidad & Tobago

Much Love



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