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Sattvik Acne Soap Review

by Megha Saraf, Editor, Makeup and Beauty Treasure 5/21/2016 10:58:28 AM 0 Comments

Sattvik Acne Soap Review

Few weeks back, I had reviewed Sattvik Acne Mask (Read review HERE) which has become my favorite and it did wonders to my oily, acne prone skin. If you are suffering from pimples or acne then I highly recommend you to try this face mask. Today I am going to review Sattvik Acne Soap which is also a hit for my acne prone skin.

Sattvik Acne Soap Review
Price: Pack of 3 soaps for TT$ 95.00 CLICK HERE to buy in Trinidad & Tobago

Sattvik says-
Sattvik Acne Soap Review

MBT says-
Sattvik Acne Soap comes in a green cardboard box packaging with all the information printed over it. The actual product comes sealed in a clear plastic wrapper. As soon as the plastic is unwrapped, you are greeted with a lovely and mild tea tree scent of the soap. The scent is really mild and soothing. The soap is green in color and is rectangular in shape. 

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The soap creates a soft, rich lather that feels extremely soft on my skin. The scent does not tend to intensify and feels really soothing and calming. It vanishes away as soon as the soap is rinsed out (As I don’t like fragranced product, it actually do not bother me!). The soap removes all dirt, oil and grime off my skin without stripping off of moisture.  It is easily rinsed away without leaving a greasy or sticky residue behind. My skin feels smooth and thoroughly cleansed. The soap neither moisturizes my skin nor dries it out. I have normal body skin but if you have dry skin then it might dry out your skin. I also use it on my face and I love how effectively it removes all oil and dirt off the skin and makes it look thoroughly cleansed. I do feel the need to moisturize my face right after cleansing my skin with this soap (though not overly!). As per the name of the soap, it does reduce acne and pimples and dries it out. It contains tea tree that is a boon for acne prone skin. It does not get soggy or melt in my soap dish that I really like.

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Sattvik Acne Soap Review
Sattvik Acne Soap Review
Sattvik Acne Soap Review
Lovely tea tree scent.
Creates rich lather.
Cleanses the skin thoroughly.
Makes skin smooth and clear.
Reduces acne and pimples with regular usage.
Can also be used on face.
Contains all good and natural ingredients.
Does not leave greasy residue behind.
Does not melt.
Reasonably priced.
Easily available.
Cruelty free.
Might not suit dry skin.
Overall Thoughts:
Sattvik Acne Soap is an effective soap for people having pimples and acne prone skin. It not only deep cleanses the skin but also makes it clear with regular usage. Though it dries out the skin a bit but I am happy that it does the job of reducing acne effectively. I would HIGHLY recommend it to people with acne prone skin.
Rating: 5/5
Have you tried Sattvik Acne Soap? How was your experience? Share in the comments section below!
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