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Sattvik Organics Eye Care Under Eye Cream Review

by Natasha Bhatt 5/21/2016 10:53:18 AM 0 Comments

Sattvik Organics Eye Care Under Eye Cream Review

Hey everyone,
Today I shall be reviewing a product from a brand Sattvik Organics, I recently got to know although I know that this brand existed since quite sometime. So I was excited to try their products more so because they are 100% natural and chemical free.I shall be reviewing theSattvik Organics Under Eye cream with almond & potato extracts. This is just what I wanted in my life. Read on to know more about this product....


What does the brand say about this product:

The eye cream comes in a plastic green and white tub packaging with a screw cap lid . It comes in a cardboard box with all the possible information like ingredients and instructions on it which is very helpful. You can carry it easily while travelling as it is light weight and does not create a mess.

Dark circles and me go hand in hand. I have had dark circles for years now and being lighter skinned it looks more prominent on me.There can be various reasons for dark circles like iron deficiency, chronic disease, stress, lack of sleep - amnesia etc. Well in my case it is more stress and lack of sleep I would say.They say prevention is better than cure hence using an eye cream is a must once you are 25. Well I had nobody to tell me that but today there is so much awareness that people have started understanding the importance of eye creams.

Honestly I wasn't doing anything about my dark circles as I did not know which brand of eye cream to go for. I was happy that I got to try Sattvik Organics eye cream which is all natural and contains the goodness of almond and potato extract both which are good for reducing dark circles. The cream is white in color - not too heavy and not too light.  It smells like vanilla in fact :P This creams claims to reduce dark circles and crows feet  both of which I have. I have used this cream for quite sometime and I generally use it in the night before I sleep which helps the product to seep in for a longer time and show good results. I rarely have puffy eyes so I cannot claim on that. Dark circles are lightened a bit but crows feet is something that would take time. I will use it for some more time and keep you updated on the same. So in conclusion I would like to say that for the price it works really well. Dark circles is something which can be reduced it cannot go completely so over a period of time with adequate sleep and proper food it will definitely be in control.

The Good:
Easily available online.
Moisturizing under the eye.
Lightens dark circles when used repeatedly over a period of time.
100% naturals - no chemicals.
Contains almond and potato extracts.
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Travel friendly.
The not so Good:
Tub packaging may be problem for some but I am ok with it and most eye creams come in a similar pacaging.

Rating: 4.5/5

For the price and all the lovely natural  ingredients it is a must try. Regular use will definitely show results. Hence I recommend this product to all. It is a must have according to me, do give it a try.

I hope this review was helpful and informative to all those reading. Please leave a comment below with your inputs and new bloggers/visitors may leave their blog link for me to check out.

Happy Weekend everyone xoxo


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